The Data Security Platform that Audits, Classifies and Protects data in companies, providing End-to-End Visibility and Traceability in a Centralised manner


It all starts with having the right view of risk

The modules included in Arexdata DSPM are the pillars of its data risk management strategy.
They help you to have a holistic view of all the risks to which your data is exposed and to take immediate action before damage occurs.


More information

  • File Audit

    File Auditing contributes to a better security posture by increasing visibility and control over the use of data in the organisation.

  • Permission Management

    Audit and Permit Management to ensure proper management of permits, reducing security risks and facilitating systems administration.

  • Data Classification

    It is an essential practice to safeguard information and comply with privacy and data protection regulations. It also helps to strengthen the security posture and reduce the risk of incidents related to the exposure of confidential information.

  • Time Tracking

    It is designed and configured in a manner that is ethical and respectful of employee privacy, avoids invasion of privacy and focuses on protecting the legitimate interests of the organisation.