Renting services with IT assistance services

We have single fee solutions for final positions in pay-per-use mode. We can offer these solutions in two options:

  1. You host the data with your own infrastructure designed by our team.
  2. We host the data for you in our CPD and with all our supervision and support.

You just have to tell us what needs your employee needs and we will offer you the entire solution for a single, tailored fee.

In this fee we include all the services you hire and all the maintenance and assistance you need.

Our most used brands

CPD Solutions

We have the capacity to design and implement our clients' own CPD hosted in their facilities.

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    Custom cluster

    We can design your custom cluster to host your services in the most optimal way: Replication High availability

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    Power in abundance

    We have a wide range of servers with which we can offer all the power you need

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    Virtualize your desktops

    Within your CPD you can have your most requested desktops virtualized and always available

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    Your cloud is secure

    In addition to all the computing and storage tools, we have technology to protect the security of your cluster.

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    Access for your employees

    In these times, if you have a powerful, secure and accessible cluster, all your staff will be able to remotely access their work environments.

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