Sync Solution specialises in providing secure and efficient data management services. Our Arexdata Data Governance service offers a comprehensive solution that audits, classifies, and protects your business data, providing end-to-end visibility and traceability.

Arexdata Data Governance: Ensuring Security and Control at Your Fingertips.

Data governance is a methodology that ensures data is in the correct condition to support business initiatives and operations.

Arexdata is a company that specializes in auditing, traceability, and discovery of sensitive data.

They provide sophisticated data governance solutions.

  • File auditing: increases visibility and control over data usage within the organization. It protects against unauthorized changes and centralizes file auditing.
  • Permit management: Ensures proper permit management, reducing security risks. It provides notifications of permit changes and periodic reviews..
  • Data classification: Classifies sensitive data to comply with privacy regulations. Protects against data leakage and manages the data lifecycle.
  • Time tracking: monitors activity and productivity, detects suspicious activity, and complies with policies and regulations.

Sync Solutions can equip your business to confidently and efficiently meet the challenges of the digital world. We can help you elevate the security of your data infrastructure and comply with the strictest regulations.

Contact us for more information and to start your journey to robust and secure data governance.


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