At Sync Solutions, we are passionate about empowering our clients and distributors with a wide range of tools that allow them to directly combat and prevent all types of attacks.

One of the most crucial aspects in IT environments is visibility (knowing what is happening).

Among all the manufacturers within reach, we have chosen SOPHOS, as it best aligns with our expectations in terms of reliability, simplicity, and evolution.

We detail the manufacturer's most outstanding products

 Sophos XG Firewall

The Ultimate Firewall Solution


Detect Hidden Risks
Enhanced visibility into risk activity, suspicious traffic, and advanced threats helps you regain control of your network.


Stop Unknown Threats
Powerful next-gen protection technologies, such as Deep Learning and intrusion prevention, keep your business secure.


Isolate Infected Systems
Automatic threat response instantly identifies and isolates compromised systems on your network to halt threat propagation.


XG Series Devices

The latest in performance, flexibility, and connectivity.

Our XG series hardware devices are specially designed with the latest multi-core processors, ample RAM, solid-state storage, and flexible connectivity options.

Whether safeguarding a small business or a large data center, you’ll benefit from industry-leading performance-to-price ratio, along with the utmost flexibility, connectivity, and reliability in any form factor.

Intercept X Endpoint

Experts agree


Intercept X Advanced consistently achieves the best results in independent tests and protection analyst reports for endpoints.

Thanks to a combination of cutting-edge technologies, such as Deep Learning and endpoint detection and response (EDR), Intercept X provides unparalleled protection against unknown malware, exploits, and ransomware.


Complete Endpoint Protection

To stop a wide variety of threats, Sophos Intercept X employs a comprehensive defense approach to endpoint protection, rather than relying solely on a single security technique. This is the power of “more,” a combination of both traditional and cutting-edge next-gen techniques. Intercept X combines top-rated malware and exploit protection with integrated Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR).


Benefit from the Power of Deep Learning Neural Networks

Take threat prevention to extraordinary levels. The artificial intelligence integrated into Intercept X is a Deep Learning neural network, an advanced form of machine learning that detects both known and unknown malware without relying on signatures.

Deep Learning makes Intercept X smarter, more scalable, and provides better performance than endpoint security solutions that rely solely on traditional machine learning or signature-based detection.

Synchronized Security is the world’s first cybersecurity system, and also the best. Products for endpoints, networks, mobile devices, wireless networks, and email share real-time information and automatically respond to incidents:

  • Isolate infected endpoints, thus blocking lateral spread.
  • Restrict Wi-Fi access for non-compliant mobile devices.
  • Analyze endpoints when compromised mailboxes are detected.
  • Revoke encryption keys if a threat is detected.
  • Identify all applications on the network.
  • And with everything managed through the Sophos Central cloud-based security platform, management is straightforward.


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